The philosophical background of BioLicense

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The philosophical background of BioLicense

BioLicense is not just a freeware license. There is a philosophical background. 

Biological  beings are information processing systems. Human beings are a big chunk of information and information processing systems.
This leads to a philosophy called Biosophy. Under Biosophical logics, all information and knowledge is the essense of human existence. While, we can perhaps copyright and own 3D materials, we should not restrict information using copyrights at least in all the non-commercial acivities in the society. The default should be every information processing biological  organisms must have the right to add, modify, exchange and distribute information and knowledge. Otherwise, such copyrights restrict the mos basic mechanism of existence: information processing. 

Philsophically, it means freedom in Information processing. Subsequently, Freedom of existence or right to exist in the universe.

Writing down and copying ideas are the basic functions of humans. We must not restrict the processes. There can be some technical adjustments. However, the basic principle should be that we have the rights to copy.


  • Biosophy is the basic philosophy for all the biological information objects in the universe.
  • BioFoundation is an organization that provides such paradigm to the society and help people to understand what ourselves are and what kind of policies are rational and consistent.
  • Biobrain is a form of more understandable incarnation of the whole biological information processing network(being) as one recognizable being. For building biobrain,  copyrights must evolve into some kind of efficiency control/sentinel rather than information edge bottle neck. (
  • Genome information is a the most definite definition of an organism. The essence of a genome is that it is a chunk of information.

BioLicense socially
The 'public domain' license has a simple foundation: someone has paid already for it.
BioLicense, socially, is similar to that. Someone has already paid for many things we know of through taxes and buying goods. 

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