The BioReview System

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BioReview system is a peer and reader review system for research papers. 
Not only open-reviewers but also the readers give the authors/papers opinions and ratings.

Isn't any better system than present anonymous paper review system? Reviewers' names are not disclosed.
I think they should be known to the reviewees and the world on the paper so that who reviewed on what basis. I.e., the reviews are also shown at each paper published. Readers can learn more about how the paper was accepted by whom on what merits. This way, one can help reduce the influence of academic mafias.


- Jong Bhak



From BioMed Central;

The biology journals within the BMC series operate a traditional, anonymous peer-review process, whereas the medical journals have an "open" peer review system. Open peer review means that, firstly, the reviewers' names are included on the peer review reports, and secondly that, if the manuscript is published, the reports are made available online along with the final version of the manuscript. The published article will provide a link to its 'pre-publication history', which lists all the versions of the manuscript, all the signed reviews, and all responses to the reviewers since the submission of the manuscript until its publication. Here is an example of a medical article with a pre-publication history. [1]  -- Dan Bolser --


Thanks, Dan. I like that. Open peer review with movie rating style stars will be good. So, not only open-reviewers but also the readers give the authors/papers opinions and ratings. I have thought about this for some years. In Korea there is a company called It is a knowledge portal site. They do the rating thing to any answers to questions and word titles. They are not academic, but they do some kind of open reviews. People with very high scores from good replies or answers get some kind of credibility rate from the site. 
I think we can merge those open peer and reader review with some rating system (as in game networks) for biology. I call of course that 'BioReview' system. I am sure many people have thought about that. - Jong Bhak,