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Project Gutenberg is probably the first project of collecting electronic books, or eBooks that are distributed freely to the world. 
Michael Hart is the founder of Project Gutenberg and invented eBooks in 1971. 

Project Gutenberg Mission Statement

To encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.

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To read more about the Project Gutenberg organization, choose one of these topics:

Essays by Michael Hart

Micheal Hart is the founder of Project Gutenberg.

  • Administrivia, about the Project Gutenberg belief in minimalist organizations and in separation of powers. This is Michael Hart's FAQ #1.
  • FAQ #2 is not yet available.

Other items

  • Article: Project Gutenberg, from 1971 to 2005 by Marie Lebert (August 2005). Presents Project Gutenberg and Distributed Proofreaders from both a US and international perspective.

See Also

  • About Fundraising, with more about the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation

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