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BioLicense for sharing, synthetivity, and entrepreneurship

is made for an  openfree, fast, and easy sharing of knowledge, software, information, and data.

It is the freest possible license in the universe (at least that is what is for)


 Choose BioLicense from the list for your work:


BioLicense Background


Definition of the BioLicense

Biolicense is a license scheme to enable human beings and machines to openfreely share data, information, and knowledge for limitless number of purposes.

It is a license that tries to protect data, information, and knowledge from being exclusively owned by limited number of classes, races, and economic groups in the world. It also aims to maximize human synthetivity and entrepreneurship.

Biolicense does not acknowledge originators and founders for knowledge and information to endow them exclusive legal credit or profit.

BioLicense is the freest license in the universe.

Philosophy of BioLicense (Biosophy)

Biolicense is a foundation to enable humans and machines constructing a consciously evolving knowledge and thought body(BioBrain) on Earth. The philosophical background of BioLicense is that it is the fundamental requirement for freedom in the universe.
We think openfree licenses will benefit societies more. => Vision of BioLicense

BioLicense and their founders transcend time
Ironically, the founders of BioLicense will come in the future as well as in the past.

He/she is the person who will reach to the concepts or accepts the concepts that are fundamental to BioLicense and make web sites and writes about the philosophy of BioLicense.

BioLicense keeps asking:

     Is that you who founded BioLicense?

     Who invented BioLicense?

The answer is all of us who existed, exists, and will exist in time.

BioLicense Network Launched
BioLicense network is the network in which everyone shares all the data, information, and knowledge with no restriction. Join the network and free yourself from the information ocean. BioLicense Network's hub is:


BioLicense related News


It has 3 main sub types:

1. BioAcademic License

  • BioAcademic License is essentially an agreement of 'honest and honourable scientific research' and a declaration (biodeclaration) that the research and development results are for limitless sharing.
  • It is essentially CopyLeft and CopyTheft. It is a neologism based on previous plans and publically available concepts in mid 1980s although it was not directly derived from them. BioAcademic License is more from a philosophical reasoning from BioSophy (Also, it is open to any new contributers and thinkers on its concept development as BioLicense defies time.)
  • This is the most basic license of many BioXXX projects and allows anyone to copy, modify, and redistribute source codes, data, information, ideas, and knowledge.
  • This does not automatically allow companies to use the data, information, and knowledge to make profits. It requires negotiations between the academic institutes and commercial entities.
  • BioLicense is also applied to a journal peer review system: The BioReview System
  • The users are asked to acknowledge the previous authors as much as possible.

2. BioCommercial License

  • This is a free and sharing commercial license of BiO centre and Bio[XXX] projects.
  • This is essentially a common open source Copyright license in legal terms so that any company can acquire revenue for continuous existence in the BioSpace. It is perhaps the most similar one to GNU and Perl license. A major difference is that companies do not have to reveal the sources or put GNU terms as in GNU. So, it is more flexible than most copyleft and open source license schemes.
  • Even though it is called BioCommercial license, it is effectively fully sharing. It just gives an option for companies to earn money using BioLicense based intellectual properties without worrying about any legal hassles.
  • In practical terms, it is the same as public domain. The companies can claim their contribution to the development and hence justify profit making.

3. BioFreedom License

  • This license is a mutually binding license (this is a strong CopyTheft license).
  • Once you accept this license and use any product under it from someone else's, all your previous, present, and future Copyrighted and intellectual property will be perpetually free to the licencer.
  • Essentially, this removes any kind of Copyrights whatsoever.
  • It is like the licensee and licenser become one person perpetually (like an unbreakable marriage) 
    ◈ It is a license scheme developed by BiO centre (on openfree institute for understanding life).


BioLicense web site copyright and service mark policy

Sign and Join BioLicense ideas and movement

  • If you support freer and opener exchange of software, information and knowledge in this world and if wish to contribute to our effort, please leave your any of URL, name, email and other contact information here.

Philosophical and social aspects of Biolicense

Other Licenses

BiO centre have developed and used the terms, independently, CopyLeft and CopyTheft since 1994. The concepts were for the maiximum academic exchange (I guess there were other people who used the terms and concepts before me. We are not claiming any originality here). The philosophy is that ideas, software, intellectual property should be shared by anyone and not taxed by any authority.

References and External Links
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Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg
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