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All the knowledge formsAncient Book CopyrightAnimal
Anti-copyrightBioBrainBioCC: an openfree hypertext community cluster for biology
BioDisclaimerBioLicenseBioLicense Genome Data
BioLicense ManifestoBioLicense Paper by Jong BhakBioLicense Software
BioLicense is the freest license in the universeBioLicense related NewsBioLicense supports enterpreneurship and commercialization
BioLicense supports entrepreneurship and commercializationBioOriginalityBioOriginality Principle
Biolicense:AboutBiolicense does not acknowledge originator and founders for knowledge and informationBiolicense movement
Biolicense website copyright and service mark policyBiological information ObjectsBiological information objects
Biological interaction networksBiomindBiooriginality
BiosophyBlogger's rightsBudapest OpenAccess
CharitywareComputational philosophyCopyLeft
CopyleftCovolutionCovolving information architecture
Creative commonsCreatorDefinition of the BioLicense
Does copyright and writeright make sense logically?EEFFairShare
Fair dealingFair useFreeware
Future Generation LicenseGeneGenome sequencing is not Genomics
GenomicsGigantic information networkHistory of Openfree
How to use BioLicenseHow to use BioLicense?In Korean Language
Index.phpInfestructionInformation unit
Jong BhakKnowledge is power. Openfree knowledge gives the power to every beingList of projects, programs and software under BioLicense
Machines who want to share knowledgeNo founder
OmicsOpenFree LicenseOpen access
Open access is supported by MRC BBSRCOpenfreeOpenfree Database Project
Openfree information philosophyOpenning up everythingOriginality
Perpetual founderPoor studentsPractical reasons on why software should not be patented nor copyrighted
Project GutenbergPublic domainS. Smithe
Share AlikeSharerightsShareware
Sharing information and knowledge is the source of creativity, independence of mind and productivitySophia SmitheSynthetifivity
SynthetivityThe BioLicenseThe BioReview System
The distinction of biolicense from many other openfreeware licensesThe idea of CopyTheft is copytheftedThe philosophical background of BioLicense
The relationship between openfree and biolicenseTrademarkUK and Canada Open Access 20070909
Vision of BioLicenseWhat does openfree mean practically?What is biolicense?
What is wikiWho qualifies for biolicense?Why do we exist?
Why software, data, information, literature and knowledge should be opener and freer?
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